Sunday, 19 March 2017


Introducing our new Russian Princess
We love her impressive markings.
Of course she has the usual Sibaris Quality, Type and Temperament.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Exciting News !!!

A brief update on things here at Anzhelika Siberians.
As you can see by the pictures below 
Anzhelika Zhafran and Lunnaya Dymka Geliana 
are growing into beautiful young ladies. 
Anzhelika Zhafran, LUCY 9 months old.
Lunnaya Dymka Geliana, LILY 7 months old.
 Very soon this little girl will be joining us.
Details to follow.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Teddy Bear.

A Fully Grown Siberian Male is an amazing animal.
This is my 6 year old boy Borenka.
He weighs in at over 8Kgs. His coat is so thick and dense grooming is a MUST daily.
Borenka loves being groomed so that's not a problem.
He also loves being cuddled and sitting on my lap.
So if you're looking forward to having a cute little Siberian boy 
Take a look at this guy.
Such a Poser
The Gentle Giant

Monday, 16 January 2017

New Princess has settled in Nicely.

                       Our newest addition joined us from Rissia 4 weeks ago.
                        Her pet name is Liana and she is growing like a weed.
      Liana is a Black Silver Mackerel Torbie and has a pedigree unique to the UK.
        She will be a great addition to Anzhelika's Breeding Program later this year.
 Many Thanks to her Russian Breeders Natalya Gareeva and Maria Belousova

Monday, 2 January 2017


                 Happy New Year to you all and thanks for following us last year.
                   We had a great year and met some lovely new kitten owners.
         We also had some amazing updates and photos of our past kittens.
     Thank you and PLEASE keep them coming. We loving hearing all your news.
      We will be planning babies for 2017 and looking forward to welcoming them.
             In the meantime here are a few of Photos of our youngest ladies.

Our New addition Lunnay Dymka Geliana.
New name Liana. She is Super Affectionate and from Russia.
Liana and Lucy. Best Buddies.
Our own bred girl Lucy ( Anzelika Zhafran )
                 We're hoping they both give us some wonderful kittens later this year.

Monday, 19 December 2016

So Proud of our Baby Girl.

Lucy,aka Anzhelika Zhafran made her show debut last weekend in Coventry.
      Unfortunately she was rather overwhelmed with her first experience.
       At home she's confident and playful but was frightened at the show.
                             Some kittens just don't enjoy the limelight.
                       She was still awarded 9 Best of Breeds by the judges.
                                              I was so proud of her.

Back at home on her Favourite Chair