Thursday, 4 August 2011

FREE of HCM test result for BORENKA !!!

       This morning I received confirmation from my vet confirming
                               BORENKA  is FREE of HCM
            and does not require any further testing for 2 years.
     This is a fantastic result as he is to be a DADDY this weekend.

Borenka never doubted it at all !!


  1. Excellent news Jackie and now how did he manage to do that? - I mean - a boy and he's 'done the deed'!!! I'm so pleased - wishing you at LunikTyen all the very best xx

  2. Thanks Lesley,
    It's such a relief to know there are no signs of HCM and I don't need to retest him for 2 years.

    I'm hoping to see a baby or two in the next couple of days but won't tempt providence just yet. Cats are very unpredictable as we all know. x