Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trio at 11 Weeks.

                                          Here are the gang.
Dali hogging the New bed.

Very Confident and Fearless.

Loves His Cuddles.
Dagas (aka Nijinski )

Still quieter than Dali but with Cattitude.
Waiting for a Tummy Tickle.
Cezanne doing what she does Best... Posing !

See what I mean ?
Such a Sweety.


  1. Lovely to see them all - looking quite grown up :)

  2. Thanks Lesley,
    I guess to all intents and purposes they're now classed as grown up and will be off to their new homes shortly.I still have them for a little while longer though :))

  3. They have all turned out ot be nice kittens and the colours are fab. :)

  4. Thanks very much Shirley,
    They're a lovely bunch altogether. I'm going to miss them that's for sure.
    Hope Boushkas turn out just as nice. She's due any day and I've been waiting a long time for her first litter :)

  5. They really are lovely Jackie - you will miss them :( you have Boushkas bubbas to look forward to though too :) xx

  6. Thanks Denise,
    It's a good job I'll have Boushkas kittens to dote on next. These babies will leave a big gap to be filled :) x