Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dali and Cezanne at 12 weeks.

Dali is waiting for his transport arrangements to be finalised so I have him for a little longer. Cezanne is also staying for a while under assessment. I am very tempted to keep her but have a wonderful home waiting for her too.

You can see why I love her so much.

Such a little Minx.
So Pretty.
My big boy Dali.

Such a Gentle Kitten.

Always full of fun.


  1. They r both gorgeous, been lovely seeing them grow x x

  2. Thanks Denise.
    It's great being able to hang on to these two a little longer until Boushka's babies are on the go.

  3. Lovely to see them, and aren't they getting big!

  4. Thanks Lesley,
    They certainly are. Dali is quite a chunkster, much bigger than Cezanne as you'd expect. She's mostly fur lol :)