Monday, 23 January 2012

Getting to Know You !!!!

        After a few days adjusting and sussing things out Koshka has
                        now decided she quite likes it here.
       She's very affectionate and has a super sweet temperament.
                                        Arina and Alex of SIBARIS 
       have done a fantastic job with this beautiful young Princess.
            Her coat is wonderful and immaculately groomed.
                                      A huge THANKS to you both.


  1. She looks very settled , congratulations again :) x x

    1. Thanks Denise,
      It didn't take her long at all considering.
      She's such a friendly cat. The photos are rubbish, so is the camera and the photographer lol.
      She's bigger than I expected. She needs more weight but she's as big as Sasha. Not ginger either lol :)