Saturday, 25 February 2012

KOSHKA will be 1 year old next week.

               I took a few photographs of the Birthday Girl today.
                  As you can see she's settled in really well now.
            She looks very much like Borenka and is almost as big too.
                             She has an unusual temperament ...
           she doesn't know she's a CAT.. she thinks she's HUMAN !!
          Koshka sings beautifully and can hold her notes for ages.

                     Such a talented young Lady in so many ways.


  1. She has grown in a lovely young lady - lots of growing still to do!!

    Happy birthday Koshka xx

    1. Thanks very much Denise,

      I'm delighted with her inside and out. You're right too, she still has lots more growing to do.

      I keep looking back at Sasha when she was a year old and then try to imagine what Koshka will look like when she's fully mature like her :) x

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    1. Thanks Shirley,

      Glad you think so.I thought it was just me lol :)