Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sasha's Super Siblets 2 Weeks Old.

                Sasha's kittens are growing quickly as you can see.
                            I'm very tempted to keep PYESTRYY !!!!

He's rather Irresistible.
Sweet Little POLYMYA
PYATNYSHKA looking rather Cute.

And Gorgeous Little PLAMYA.


  1. The thing is, they are all irresistible and if I were in your shoes I'd want to keep all of them - which is why I'd be a hopeless breeder!! They are growing really well and look super cuddly!! :) xx ps my bonkers two are pretending to be race horses again at the moment - must be a mad half hour time ...

  2. Your twins seem to have mad half hours every other hour lol.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments. I really look forward to reading them.
    These babies are already eating raw meat at 2 and a half weeks. Unheard of for me!! Guess they're going to be
    :) xx