Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Annabel, Alexander and Annushka in their New Homes.

It's always a treat to get pictures of my kittens in their new homes.
We worry about them settling in and getting used to their new families, human and furry.
          I need never worry about these three little ladies again.
       Alexander (Lexi)  and Annabel  (Bella) share their new home
          with two other Siberians and all are getting along just fine.

Bella is far left and Lexi is far right.

 Many thanks Alan and Caroline for taking such great care of them.

                 Annushka is posing again for her new owner Judith
                            of Mystic Melody Siberians in America.

Annushka's Favourite Place to relax.. the Photo Box !!
                    Thanks Judith for taking such great care of her.

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