Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dad and kids.

         Borenka produced some wonderful kittens last year.
                               Here are 3 from Rika's litter.
Borenka loves his spot on the sofa.

Belochka ( Koshka 2) top and Boris still for once !!

Berezka is enjoying her show career

Thanks very much Sean and Debbie for giving up their home to these two tearaways and to Sue and James for all your hard work.
                  I couldn't ask for better people to care for them xx


  1. Thanks Jackie - they are all gorgeous kittens and it's lovely to see Boris and Koshka's sister. They are certainly like their Dad and have picked up some of his behaviour such as sitting with their paws crossed which is very sweet. They also have a legacy from their mum as the tip of their tails is the same colouring as Rika so it looks as though they dipped their tails into a paint pot. Although with our two hooligans anything is possible! Thanks for letting them come to us and making our house a home again : xx

  2. The paw crossing is a cute thing isn't it ?

    Thanks for keeping me up to date with their antics and sending me the wonderful pictures and videos. I really do appreciate them. :) xx