Saturday, 6 April 2013


A Friend's Story :
I constantly hear of pet owners buying underage, non-vaccinated kittens with no papers from Kitten Farmers and am fed up of being there to pick up the pieces when the poor kitten dies and the family (and kids) end up broken hearted.
We really do need to try and educate the buyers into NOT supporting the Back Yard Breeders (BYB) and to look elsewhere for a genuine Pedigree kitten from a reputable breeder.

I very recently helped someone out whose husband had driven 3hrs EACH WAY to collect their underage, non-vaccinated kitten.
On arrival the BYB went to get the kitten from 'out the back', only to appear with the news "Sorry, but he seems to have died''. All the other kittens looked so small and sick that the buyer left without a kitten, and minus their money which they will now have to claim back through the Courts.

This devastated family then came to me and were very happy to book a PEDIGREE, registered, vet checked, fully vaccinated, Insured AND neutered kitten from heart screened parents, for just £95 more! This kitten comes with full Papers, vaccinations, health checks, worming, Frontline treatment, NEUTERING, ....and most important of all...... he was raised in our home with much dedication, love, kindness and attention.

There is no comparison between these two kittens, and I wish people would share their tragic experiences more, and so help educate buyers into being more careful where they go, and to stop lining the pockets of BYB's who DON'T CARE one iota about the breed or the kittens they are producing ten-a-penny, that potentially have the highest death-rate imaginable!

Please read and LEARN from other's experiences...... it may save the lives of lots of backyard-produced kittens who may be born, only to survive such a short and pitiful life that will also cause an immeasurable amount of sorrow and heartache to their new (very short-term) owner.

Kittens should not be sold without having two vaccinations. The first at 9 weeks and the second at 12 weeks. On collection you need the Vaccination Card, Pedigree, 4 weeks Free Insurance and a SIGNED Receipt  or Kitten Contract.


  1. Debbie and Sean6 April 2013 at 19:17

    What a tragic tale - we heartily endorse your comments, Jackie as we were very keen to find a caring and reputable breeder. We were blessed the day that you were recommended to us and we have two happy healthy kittens to show for it with all the necessary papers... It breaks our hearts to hear of this appalling practice. These backyard breeders need to be stopped. Xx

  2. Thanks Debbie and Sean,
    Unfortunately even "so called" reputable breeders sell under age, unvaccinated kittens. When the kitten gets sick or dies they don't want to know. They don't offer any sympathy, support or refund and the family are left to pick up the pieces.

    You're right they do need to be stopped . It's getting them stopped which is the problem !!!!!!!!!

  3. ...and also, those who claim to be 'reputable breeders' who seek to only profit from sales, breeding litter after litter, with no intention of keeping, pretending to be hobby breeders, taking deposits for kittens without any matings taking place, for numbers they cannot fulfill, making those on their list wait for over a year instead of sharing with other breeders. If you ask these so called'reputable' breeders'...yes they are registered on cat club sites, they cannot tell you what plans to improve the breed, just produce more and more litters to sell....

  4. Thanks for your comments Shirley,

    I'd also like to add those who are already Suspended by various cat registries but carry on breeding and selling sick and dying kittens.
    We all know who they are and although cases against them are proved little is done to punish them. They can quote each and every Regulation and Guideline and find loopholes in them in order to carry on their trade in feline suffering.

    Oddly enough it's often and usually is those who have been breeding for many years and live a wonderful lifestyle at the expense of the cats they use to fund it.
    SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think the message is filtering through. I have noticed a few of the better breeders stating their aims and waiting list practices lately, which hopefully will direct people to the best choices.
    I also have been helping someone who had an enormous list, for what she thought was the right reason and we have hopefully helped that person get their breeding into perspective, so good all round for the Siberian, but some way to go yet....

  6. Thanks Shirley,
    If we can direct one potential kitten buyer or breeder into changing their thinking we have achieved something.

    Often breeders lose their way. They seem to think once they have made a name for themselves it's OK for them to ignore what made them reputable. Reputable breeders with good breeding ethics don't sell underage, unvaccinated kittens to unsuspecting members of the public. They don't breed litters from their females every 3 or 4 months and they don't breed more kittens than they have prospective homes for.

    What amazes me is these breeders think they can hide their bad practices.