Monday, 29 July 2013

Double Trouble !!

I decided to post a photograph of Koshka's kittens now 2 weeks old plus a video of Sasha's 6 week old rascals.
                We're still waiting for them to fully open their eyes.
                                            Almost there.
The Handsome Guys.

The Pretty Girls.

                                          Sasha's Comedians.


  1. Hi Jackie! Now I can definitely see the resemblance between Symphony and Boris and with Fantasy and Koshka - they all have their lovely daddy's genes, for sure! ;) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,

    We'll have to wait and see if we have a squirrel in this litter lol.

  3. beautiful faces and chunky chaps!

  4. Finally managed to get to a computer to watch this wonderful video... Sasha's kittens are so sweet and playful and lovely to watch. Our two still play all the time but they are a tad heavier now! Sasha's kittens new owners will enjoy watching these gorgeous balls of fluff! Hope Sasha is enjoying being a mum again - she is such a maternal girl and such a lovely nature :) xx

  5. They are funny at this age and as you say not too heavy unlike you two ha ha.

    Their new owners certainly will have some fun watching these kittens. Not quite sure whether this will be Sasha's last litter. :) x