Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kitten News.

                I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.
                  Already Sasha's Kitties are 10 weeks old.
                      Their new families are patiently ( joke )
              waiting for the day they can take their babies home.

Adam and Mia's boy Starburst.

Mike and Nikki's little girl Serenade.

Amanda and Anthony's little girl Sonata.

A rare photo of the Trio together.
Koshka's Little Imps are now 6 weeks old and getting into everything.
                  They are such great fun to watch at this age
            playfighting and running around at the speed of light.
                                               The Boys.
RHAPSODY is a Little Rascal. He is Available right now.
SYMPHONY is a Gentle Giant. He is Under Assessment.
                                                 The Girls.
FANTASY. Mischief Maker. Reserved.

HARMONY. Little Diva. Reserved.

MELODY. The Boss. Under Assessment.


  1. All are lovely.....Melody is more lovelyx

    1. Thanks Shirley,
      I'm head over heels for Melody. Do I have the room ??

  2. Sean and I have agreed that we'll have all of them!! Their new owners (slaves) are in for such a wonderful (and sometimes exhausting but exhilarating) time. They are such bundles of cute prettiness and we wish them all a long and happy life. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago we brought home our two bundles of feline joy. They are fabulous companions and we are sure their half brothers and sisters will be just the same. Big kisses to them all :) xx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments Debbie.

      I hope their new 'slaves to be' will have as much fun as yourself and Sean. I hope they all stay in touch with updates like you too.
      :) x