Saturday, 21 September 2013

Latest News.

        Last weekend Sammie attended a TICA Cat Show in Peterborough.
He didn't really enjoy the experience and was rather stressed with the whole
                                               Show Thing.
                 Even so he was awarded 6 Best of Breeds and got 2 Finals
                              3rd Best and 6th Best Longhair Kitten.
                              Here he is relaxing afterwards in the Hotel.

Two of Sasha's kittens left and have quickly settled in their new homes as you can see.
Here's Starburst who now has his own bed and TV.

This is Sonata enjoying her newly built Outdoor Enclosure.

Next week Koshka's kittens will begin their new adventures in their new homes.
My home will be very quiet without my little rascals to keep me entertained.


  1. It was great meeting Sammie and seeing you again. He's a handsome brute and we hope he does well for you. Hope all goes well with the babies leaving home this week. Don't know how you do it but whatever you do, you give them a fantastic start in life... :) xx

    1. Thanks very much,
      It was lovely catching up with you and Sean at Peterborough. Can't believe you drove all that way. It was wonderful seeing the pix and videos of Boris and Belochka ( KB ) They're a real credit to you.
      Thanks for giving them the best home ever XX