Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Great Show Weekend !!

                            Koshka and I went to Swanley over the weekend.
                                         What a fantastic show it was too.
       I've never seen so many top quality cats. The best from the UK and Europe.
                  Amongst them was TICA BEST CAT in the World this year.
               A stunningly beautiful white and black Persian boy called Spud !!
                                                        I was in awe !!!!!

                         Koshka however was unphased by any of her competitors.
                She showed herself  off in her usual manner and still got 5 Finals.
                            In such amazing company that was some achievement.
                                    I'm so proud of my Super Girl !!
                             SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION
Relaxing with her Favourite Toy.


  1. Glad Swanley went so well for you and Koshka. Congrats on her 5 finals - she is a beautiful cat. Was amused to hear about Spud - is that short for his full name 'potato'?! ;) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    She did me proud once again. Spud is a huge almost white Persian. He has a few black markings which make him very distinctive. A real eyecatcher and a stunningly well groomed young man.
    His full name is CULLYKHAN LICENCE TO KILL, Spud for short :) xx