Saturday, 28 June 2014

Musrafy Barnaby's Sad Story.

                                 Lest we Forget

                             This unfortunate kitten is Musrafy Barnaby.
       Musrafy Barnaby was just 8 weeks and 5 days old when he was sold by 
                    Maria Bunina, of Musrafy Cattery , Henley on Thames. 
                                     Sadly he died just 16 DAYS later.
The following extract was taken from the GCCF in 2012
    However it appears she is still selling sick and dying kittens in 2016
IC/188/12 - Miss M Bunina
The Investigation Committee preferred a formal complaint against Miss M Bunina as follows:
On 13th October, 2012 she sold a Red Tabby Siberian Male Kitten, MUSRAFY BARNABY, date of birth 10th August, 2012. She knew, or should have known, that BARNABY was unfit for sale as at the time of purchase he was only nine weeks old and was unvaccinated, contrary to the recommendations in the GCCF's General Code of Ethics for Cat Breeders and Owners, and on 22nd October, 2012 he had to be taken to the vet as he was lethargic and had not been eating.
Despite ongoing veterinary treatment he died on 29th October, 2012.
Tests for Salmonella, Tritrichomonas, Feline Enteritis, Feline Coronavirus, Feline Panleucopenia, Campylobacter and E-coli were all positive.

          As a reputable breeder I strongly advise all  ' would be kitten owners ' to
         RESIST the temptation to buy Very Young and Unvaccinated kittens.

                                 If your new kitten got sick or sadly died
                   Do you think you would be compensated for your loss
                 or expensive vet bills by such an irresponsible breeder ?


  1. We inherited what turned out to be a very sick kitten who originally came from Musrafy. What ultimately took him was Coronavirus. We are still unsure if he had been properly vaccinated (although according to her records he had been). It was also discovered by the vets we took him to that he was at least a couple of months older than she said he was. Everything I've heard about Musrafy rings alarm bells. If anything good can come from little Vanya's tragic story I hope it can help others to avoid buying from Musrafy.

  2. Hi Faracy,
    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You must be devastated. A terrible way for a kitten to suffer. I'd be very interested to hear more of poor Vanya'a tragic story.

    Best wishes, Jackie.

  3. Hi all, i bought a Musrafy young adult from Lyn Power of Oldham Manchester last Nov, he was advertised and bought as a pedigree young adult with all inoculations done, we had a lot of trouble on collection from Lyn Power and after 1hr of trying to get her to answer the door of her terraced house, when we finally did manage to get her to answer the door we found about 8 cats and kittens trying to hide anywhere they could get. The boy we had bought was cowering in a cat carrier, when i asked to get him out i was told he was frightened as he was in the carrier, when we finally managed to get him out, he was terrified, as we did not want to upset him to much we put him in our large carrier and my husband put him in our car, when i asked for his pedigree papers and vet inoculation papers i was told by Lyn Power that she could not find them and would send them in the post which i believed she would ( silly me ). i kept her informed of his slow progress and the worries that i had about him, which she told me was down to a 4hr car drive home, i asked when the papers would arrive and i was told later in the week when she was back at work, 3 days later my boy was increasingly worse, i did phone her yet again for the vet papers and she became very nasty and i was told the cat was ok as he had had his inoculations and he did not need a vet. I was so worried i took him to the vet to be told he was a very poorly cat suffering with cat flu, it was touch and go for a very long week, luckily he made it. I tried phoning Lyn Power to tell her but she would not answer my calls or answering machine messages so i phoned Maria Bunina and told her my story, she told me she had sold a boy and a girl Siberian kittens for breeding to Lyn Power and she told me she could do nothing as Lyn Power would not answer the phone to her either, and as she did not know which cats she had breed she could not do anything about the pedigrees, or the fact that she had sold to a unscrupulous breeder. So here i a m 6months later with a beautiful boy who is our world, but i can not show him as i bought him for as i have no pedigree papers and she is no longer registered with TICA , so they can not help me. The reason i am writing to you is to make sure other people do not get caught by thinking the same as me if you use a registered breeder you will be ok, as you can see this is not the case . L Harris

    1. Thankyou for sharing your experience.
      I'm glad your beautiful boy is OK now.
      Perhaps other unsuspecting buyers will learn from this. Never part with any money until you are happy with the cat and have the officially stamped pedigree and registration documents.
      It's such a shame so many have to learn the hard way. Best of luck for the future.