Friday, 17 October 2014

Breaking News ! !

            This week began the end of an era as our beautiful Queen Sasha was spayed.
   She was our first show girl and was a great favourite with judges and exhibitors alike.
         She's also a favourite here. The cats love her and she's nanny to all our kittens
                 Sasha will be remaining here to enjoy a long and happy retirement.
                                                        MORE NEWS !!
             Joining Lunik Tyen in a few weeks is this stunning little Princess.
                                                   JULIET D'ARIOSKA.
        She is a very beautiful Pale Silver Shaded Siberian with an amazing Pedigree.
                           I've been waiting for this special kitten for a long time.
       Many thanks to my close friend Barbara of D'Arioska Cattery in Switzerland.
                                         You have made my cattery complete.

Pet Name BRIOSKA ( Brie )
A big girl in the making.
Such a Pretty Princess.



  1. Hi Jackie, your new girl is very pretty - hope she is settling in well and I bet Sasha is mothering her. We will always have a soft spot for Sasha as she was a bit of a step mum to our two perishers! Big whiskery kisses from our two and from us(!) to Sasha... Love from us :) xx

  2. Thanks,
    Brioska is very sweet and exactly what I've been waiting 2 years for. She doesn't arrive until November. I can't wait to meet her.
    Sasha will love her new role as Nanny McPhee ha ha
    Whiskery kisses given x x