Friday, 16 January 2015

My How They've Grown !

                                  Koshka's little beauties are growing up fast.
             They're full of energy and prefer playing to having their photo taken.
                         It took me forever to get a few decent ones this time.
 I'm delighted with this whole litter and it's been difficult deciding which girl to keep.
            Having waited 4 years for my first Golden Kitten my keeper is Zolotinka.
                                                            The Girls
She's a very placid little girl.
She's also very affectionate.
ZARYTA is very mature already.
ZULEIKA is the most Playful. 
The Boys
ZHENYA. Not even food stops him playing.
Gentle ZHENDA the Big Boy.


  1. Aaaaww! Gorgeous bundles of fluff, Jackie. They are growing beautifully. Hope all well your end. Lots of love from all of us :) xxx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    As always they grow up far too fast don't they ?
    Hope you're OK and the twins :) xx