Saturday, 23 May 2015

Look who's Back !!!!!

                                           Welcome Home Big Boy.
                                  Due to personal and very tragic circumstances
     our handsome young man Sammie had to stay with a friend for a few months.
     Rumours were rife that he'd been sold and was being used by another breeder.
                                                             NOT TRUE ! !
                                          Now he's back and is all grown up.
      We are very excited and planning to breed more of his gorgeous kittens soon.

One Big Hunk of a Cat


  1. Thanks Shirley,
    Can't wait to see what he produces this year.
    I hope more like Latanya.

  2. Welcome back to Sammie! Bet you're pleased to have this gorgeous fella back! We look forward to seeing more of his offspring in due course! :) xx

  3. Thanks Debbie, yes I am. Exciting times ahead :-) x x