Thursday, 30 July 2015


The Siberian Cat Club: 

It recently came to our attention that the Siberian Cat Club had agreed breeder membership to a breeder who has broken the SCC code of ethics. Several breeder members have challenged this membership, however the committee has seen fit to continue the inclusion of the breeder in question on the breederlist and to allow them to advertise on the SCC website.


I will not go into the nature of the complaints here. Suffice to say I shall not be renewing my membership of a club, who prefers to support proven, unethical breeders.

I am now in the process of forming a New Siberian Cat Club which will allow only Highly Reputable Breeders to become members. 

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  1. Hear hear jackie.... disgraceful

  2. Thanks for your support Clare.
    They're very keen to take membership money but give no support to those who support them.. Added to that they're now so desperate they include breeders knowing they have broken their own code of ethics.
    I've now waited 5 weeks for a simple response.
    Enough is enough !!!!