Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Finally we have our First Kittens of 2016. All 10 of them !!!

         After a very eventful week I can finally announce the first Anzhelika Kittens.
       Although Juliet's kittens should have been here first things didn't go as planned.
                              Kali decided to deliver her babies a day earlier.
           Both mums have 5 adorable kittens and both have 3 boys and 2 girls.
        Here are Kali's little pip-squeaks with names which incporateMums name.
                                       Juliet's little family further down.
                     The colours of Juliet's babies were a wonderful surprise.
                         I didn't realise both parents carried the golden gene.

                                 Both Juliet and Kali are amazing Mums.


  1. What fantastic news, Jackie! Congratulations to you and both new mums. I'm fascinated by the golden colour and look forward to seeing all these babies grow. I love the names too - it's clever to come up with different ones each time... Now you've got your work cut out! :) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    A lovely housefull of babies. At the moment their mummies are taking care of them and doing a great too. I will get my turn in about 3 more weeks. They're always so much fun that I never class it as hard work.
    I do usually age 10 years over the 3 month all the same. :) x x

  3. On holiday at the moment with dodgy wifi
    Just checked your blog and they are wonderful
    Will email when I get home
    Golden gene.?
    David and family

  4. Have you changed your cattery name? Love the golden girls...am tempted!

    1. Hi Shirley thanks,
      No not changed my cattery name. I now have two.
      The golden girl is so tempting she's going to be a keeper. She's developing nicely so we'll see how she grows. Fingers crossed :)
      All of these kittens are spoken for.