Saturday, 15 July 2017


Today Koshka gave birth to 6 kittens.
All are feeding well and mum is happy and content.
Our Waiting List  people will be contacted in a few days.
Here are our first pictures starting with the proud parents

Mum: Koshka (Volga Sibaris)   Dad: Dan (Vinnimur Zhdan)  
Only Minutes after the birth

Quite a little Chunklet already


  1. Thanks Shirley,
    Wonder how they'll look in a few weeks time.

  2. How exciting, Jackie! Six little treasures, and Koshka is looking so content! Wonderful news! Nina xxx

  3. What wonderful news, Jackie! Six little treasures and Koshka is looking so content! How exciting!!

    1. Thank you Nina, as yet the sexes and colours have not been determined. We are very excited to have 6 such beautiful babies. As soon as we are sure an update will be posted.

  4. Congratulations, Jackie. Fingers crossed mum and babies are doing well - and you,too! I've been waiting news so I'm delighted to hear about the kittens. They look gorgeous - Koshka has done you proud again and it looks as though at least one kitten has inherited Dad's colouring. Looking forward to photos and watching them grow. �� Xx

  5. Thanks Debbie,
    Yes once again Koshka has done us proud. Six little squiglets and all doing well so far.
    Can't wait to see how they develop and what their colours will turn out like. Very exciting .... it always is. I hope your two hunksters are OK in the heat x x