Saturday, 29 January 2011

Babies are 1 Week Old.

 Inkas five remaining kittens are doing very well.
They've all grown and put weight on as you can see.

I can now identify all the silver boys and the two girls I can easily recognise.
They're already starting to open their eyes and some are purring, the cutest sound I've ever heard.

How Cute is this ?

Queuing up at the Milk Bar.

Kitten Trio.

A Very Attentive Mum.

Happy Babies with Full Tummies. 
Individual pictures will be posted tomorrow.


  1. They are very cute - love it when they line up like that. Yes there is nothing like listening to teeny kitten purrs.

    You have a bad back yet from kitten watching?

    D x

  2. Thanks Denise. At first I didn't know where the little sounds were coming from. I was quite tearful when I realised they were little kitten purrs.
    My back is in knots but I only notice when I stop watching them for longer than five minutes lol!!!

  3. great to here they are all doing well, very cute x

  4. Kittens look wonderful, well done Jackie. Looking forward to seeing individual pics!

  5. Thanks Anne, glad you worked the blog comments out.
    I'm hoping the individual pics are better quality than the first ones. We'll give it a go and see.