Monday, 16 May 2011


I can finally announce LUNIK TYEN has it's first Stud Cat.
I must first say a huge THANKYOU to Sylvie and Alex of MissSib in Belgium not just for taking care of Borenka for his 10 month Pet Passport stay but for making me so welcome.
Thanks also for the gifts. They will be consumed with much delight .
                        So here's Borenka, home at last.

Mischief is mischief anywhere !!

                As you can see he's quickly made himself at home.


  1. You finally have your boy and a gorgeous one at that! Congratulations!

    Denise xx

  2. Thanks Denise, It's like having Christmas and my birthday all in one.
    Really good having him here at last. Still pinching myself lol !
    He's even better than I'd imagined too. xx

  3. oh Jackie im soooo pleased for you can't believe it, well hopefully some lovely babies to come from him in the not too distant future. He is sooo handsome and will be a huge asset to you, big Congrats again :)X
    P.s hope the journey was ok I don't envey you that at all.

  4. Thanks Clare for the lovely comments,
    It's great having him here. All those months of waiting seem so far away now. He's such a gentle giant and as playful as a little kitten.
    The journey was like a mini holiday, no hassle at all and went like clockwork.
    Sylvie and Alex were fabulous hosts and we seemed to laugh all the time.
    Now I have to be very patient until he settles properly before rushing into anything. xx

  5. Great to finally have him to cuddle Jackie! To Hull and Back!! LOLOL That Robin Reliant............:0))

    Borenka looks happy, and I'm sure it will just be such a relief now to have him with you all. Once you have him, all that long wait seems to just disappear from your head.

    Lovely to see him here and looking contented. I can imagine you are thrilled - and just wait until his 'girls' realise 'there's a man about the house'!!

    Realy pleased for you Jackie - and this is now the start of a new chapter at LunikTyen.

    Lesley x

  6. Thanks Lesley, to Hull and back...yes, very funny. I could write a book about the journey alone but he's here and all the hiccups fade into insignificance.
    I woke this morning and it all felt like a dream but there he was all purrs to greet me. He's just like a big Teddy bear and I couldn't be happier with him
    The girls come home later today then the fun and the plans begin. x

  7. Congratulations!
    Very sweet.
    Are we going to meet him at any forthcoming shows?

  8. Thankyou very much Maria.
    I'm still assessing his temperament but so far he is behaving like a perfect gentleman. If he continues then you may meet him very soon. x