Monday, 23 July 2012

3 Princesses Join Lunik Tyen.

          I'm delighted to share my latest arrivals with you all at last.

ULIBKA MANCHZHURY.  Thankyou very much Natalya for this beautiful F1 girl.

CORA FELIS FELICIS. Thankyou so much Dominika for my Show Stopper.
GALATEA VINNIMUR. Many Thanks  Kate for this amazing  Blue Tortie girl.
All 3 did remarkably well at their debut show at Brigg yesterday.  CORA was my Show Stopper, ULIBKA was Miss Personality and GALATEA was her usual Wonderful self and got some Great comments from the Judges.


  1. They are all beautiful girls and sure to win the hearts of the judges. Hope they are all settling in well and look forward to seeing them at a show sometime... Debbie :) x

    1. Thanks Debbie.
      Yes they're all settling in very well. That would be great to catch up at a show some time.
      :) x