Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Koshka has her Babies.

                  Yesterday Koshka gave birth to 4 Beautiful Kittens.
                          We have one little Brown Mackerel Girl,
                 two Brown Mackerel Boys and a Brown Classic Boy.
           As you can see Mum and Babies are Happy and Content.

                                     Introducing From Left to Right.
                              ARINA Female meaning Peaceful,
                              ANTOSHKA Male meaning Praiseworthy,
                             ALEXANDER Male meaning Defender of Man,
                             ANDRUSHA  Male meaning Warrior.


  1. Congratulations - so pleased to read the news - have been thinking of you all.

    Lovely to see Koshka settled with her little babies xx

    1. Thanks Lesley,
      All went well this time, no dashing to the vets.
      Koshka took a while to settle down but is great now :)