Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sasha's little girls.

It's been 14 weeks since these little Princesses were born.
POLYMYA already has her new home and family.
PYATNYSHKA will soon be going to join her new family and
PICASSA will be staying here to become a future Queen.



  1. Beautiful girls and great photos :) x x

  2. Thanks Denise,

    I'm glad I'm keeping one this time. It'll be nice watching her grow up. It's always tough watching them leave even though you know they'll have wonderful new homes and families isn't it ?

    :) x

  3. We are thrilled that you are keeping one of these lovelies as, not only are you a great mum so she is very lucky, also we might be able to meet her at a show in the future (selfish reason!!) - Sasha is such a fantastic character we can't imagine her kittens being anything less either. Enjoy your baby girl and we hope she brings you much joy in 2013. :) xx

    1. Awwww thanks very much for your lovely comments.
      Picassa will be a great addition and is very much like her mum Sasha was at this age, cute and funny.

      She'll be going to a few shows this year and hopefully we can catch up and swap kitten antic stories :)x

  4. We look forward to that! This week Boris has eaten the hob and run off with the ignition switch, dismantled the loo systern by pulling off the handle and hiding it under the fridge and Koshka spends her time shouting at the birds and squirrels through the window or admiring herself in the full length mirror. Well a girl's gotta do... You've got to love them! :) xx

  5. Some things never change then. Boris was always a ONE OFF ha ha. I guess a boys gotta do as well huh ?? I hope your home is well insured. At least Koshka is doing the normal cat things so one out of two isn't so bad is it ha ha ????
    I do love hearing about them :) xx