Sunday, 20 January 2013


                     Picassa isn't a kitten who sits still for long.
                         She's full of mischief and very playful.
         Yesterday I did manage to get a few rare pictures of her
                                      Exploring the kitchen.

A Little Nervous to begin with.

Soon Playing as Usual.
Now strutting her Stuff.
Even got a Profile Shot.


  1. Just want to say I discovered your website recently, as willing slave to two gorgeous Siberians myself, and I have fallen completely head over heels in love with your adorable Picassa! What a stunner she is. Her colouring is just gorgeous. :D I have now subscribed to your blog updates and look forward to seeing more photos of your future litters as they come along. What gorgeous cats you have!

  2. How kind of you to make such lovely comments about Picassa. Her colouring is very striking and she's quite a little character. I'll be showing her in the near future and hoping the judges like her too.

    I'm flattered you are following my blog. Perhaps you might add your name at some point. Nice to hear from you all the same :)

  3. she is such a beauty, I love her colours....

  4. Oh, as Stevie Wonder said: 'isn't she lovely?' she really is a stunner, Jackie. She will have lovely kittens when the time comes... We are busy learning Siberian cat language and are slowly understanding what some of those wonderful squeaks and chirruping mean. It's very sweet when they talk to each other. We think some of the conversation is along the lines of 'you distract them and I'll grab the cat biscuit bag'... Hope all well in snowy Yorkshire. We are disappearing under the white stuff here - but it entertains them at least!!! :) xx

    1. Thanks again for such lovely comments. Will certainly be interesting to see what her kittens will be like next year.
      Siberian Cat language is very intriguing isn't it? I love the little squeaks and chirrups they make and you're right they do seem to talk to each other.
      We haven't been too bad with the snow. Bad enough but other places have had it worse. My cats show no interest in it at all. I think they'd ring the RSPCA if I put them outside in it. Wimps !!!
      Hope you're OK and keeping warm :) xx

  5. Thanks Shirley,
    Me too. Wish she wasn't quite so naughty though lol :)

  6. She's a little poppet. She just melts your heart, doesn't she? Hope all well in snowy Yorkshire, Jackie :) xx

    1. Thanks Debbie,
      Lovely comments.
      Snow thawing nicely yayyyyy. xx