Monday, 4 February 2013

It's a GIRL !!!!!!

                                          A Very Special Occasion.

                              We have a new addition to our family 
                                  A beautiful BABY GIRL .....  LULU.
            She is the first girl to be born into my family for 65 years.
Proud Grandma

1 Day Old
1 Week old and smiling already.
                                  She's sure been worth waiting for.


  1. She is beautiful jackie, you must be pleased as punch. Lovely you got to meet her so soon x x

  2. Thanks Denise,
    It was a long journey, 16 hour flight, but I'm delighted I got to hold her and give her loads of kisses.
    Now I'm very broody for kittens lol.
    :) x

  3. I think we will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny paws then soon, Jackie! Many congratulations to you and your son and daughter-in-law on Lulu's safe arrival. She's a beautiful baby. Now for some kittens...! :) xx

  4. Thanks Debbie,
    I'm waiting very impatiently for my girls to let me know they're ready for babies. Borenka is becoming keen too lol x

  5. Congratulations to you all, on the birth of your beautiful baby girl xxx

  6. Waw, congratulations Jackie! She is adorable! you must be very proud :))
    All the best for Lulu!
    Sylvie&Alex (MissSib)

    1. Thank you very much Sylvie and Alex,

      Wonderful surprise seeing your message. Hope you and your family are happy and healthy. Hugs,
      Jackie :) x