Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Picassa and Mum.

            I took Picassa for her first show outing last weekend.
                   To help her relax I took her Mum Sasha along.
      As you can see Sasha thoroughly enjoyed herself showing off.
                Picassa was nervous at first but soon got used to it.
                   I think she'll be a great Show Cat just like Mum.
                Both girls got wonderful comments from the judges.
Having fun with the Judge

Picassa 16 weeks old relaxing at Home.


  1. She is seriously gorgeous and if I was a judge she would win everything! Our terrible two have managed to turn off the isolator switch to the fridge and turned on the kitchen tap this week. We still love them though! :) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,

    I think your two need some serious talking to lol :) xx

  3. I've warned them that if they give us any more trouble they will have to get a Saturday job and a paper round. They chirruped and rolled over and we let them off, soft touches that we are! Lol :) xx

    1. They obviously have you exactly where they want you.
      Mine too lol.

  4. Sasha still queen of the shop! The princess has time on her hands....

  5. Thanks Shirley,

    It's nice to take Sasha along with any new kitten as she's so calm. Once she sees a judge it's a different matter lol.
    I hope Picassa is the same :)