Friday, 28 June 2013

My New Prince Arrives ! !

                           MYSTIC MELODY SAMWISE GAMGEE
                              joined us from America last week.

                       He has some rather impressive relatives.
      His Sire  Prekrasne Black Berry was TICA IW 2012-2013
and his brothers Mystic Melody Lombardi and Mystic Melody Bazinga
                            were 1st and 2nd Best Kittens.

  Sammie has settled in very quickly and made himself at home.
                     He is very placid and laid back but full of fun.
   Thanks to his breeder Judith Johnson he has amazing manners.
                      I wish my cats and kittens behaved so well.

New Table Decoration.
Me Likes it Here.

Many thanks Judith for the pleasure of owning this stunning Guy .


  1. Aaawwww - he's a very handsome boy - if I was a Siberian girl cat, I'd be getting my lippy on! And he has manners to boot!! Can you get him to teach some to my two (adorable) hooligans? I'll set them up as pen pals. It's either that or they get Saturday jobs to pay for the paintwork! :) xx

  2. Ha Ha Ha, very good on the Lippy .

    I wish I could teach all my own cats and kittens to behave like him. It's not that he's not very playful and mischievous. He just seems to understand what is and isn't out of bounds. Just as well the size of him.

    Thanks Debbie.