Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sasha's Kittens 4 weeks old.

         It's amazing how much these three adorables have grown.
Although 4 weeks old they all refuse to try solid food. Sasha is more than happy to nurse them and as you can see she's doing a grand job.
                               All kittens weigh over 500gms.

Guess he likes this chair
Sweet Little Guy.

Sonata having a Bad Hair Day
Sweet Expression.
Miss Cheeky Face
Sweet Poser.


  1. lovely jackie i think serenade is my favourite

  2. Thanks Clare,

    Serenade is rather cute isn't she ? Quite a little diva though. Starburst is quieter and Sonata is the little Lady.

  3. Beautiful babies. I wish I could have.... Them all ! :) x

  4. Thanks Denise,

    Are you missing having kittens around ??? You know there'll always be one waiting for you here :) xx

  5. Yeh I am... One day il have them again :) x

  6. I hope so.
    Not enough breeders like you around.I loved your cats and kittens as you know :)x

  7. They are beeeaaaauuuutiful! I've been admiring your kitten photos for a long time now but don't think I've ever commented before. I have two Siberians myself and if I could face the prospect of upsetting the harmonious balance we currently have in the house, I'd be knocking on your door asking for one of your gorgeous kittens!

  8. Thankyou very much for your lovely comment.
    Siberians are very addictive aren't they ?? I also began with two so there you go.

    Glad you enjoy sharing your home and your life with your Siberians. I couldn't think of anything better.
    Best wishes, Jackie :)

  9. Love these photos, Jackie - I have a soft spot for Serenade too but they are all heart meltingly beautiful. I'd expect nothing less from one of Sasha's kittens... And as an owner of two of your Siberian kittens I can heartily recommend you to cat lovers who are browsing your site! Chin tickles to them all from all of us :) xx

  10. Thanks Debbie,

    Sasha's kittens do have the extra cute factor. I think the white facial markings make them look so unique. I do love my brown tabbies all the same.

    Thanks for the recommendation too :) xx You're very kind.