Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Look How Big we are Now !!

                                        Elika's kittens look huge next to Kali's.
              All 6 are keeping me on my toes as they dash around all over the place.
                                       Tronkyin is the biggest and naughtiest.
                   Tuhina is the smallest but can hold her own with the rest of them.
                                        Here are the little Rascals at playtime.

TRINKYI looking very guilty.
TUSHAR gives lovely kisses
TRONKYIN loves to play and play
Tronkyin and Tushar will be staying together
TALINI with the butter wouldn't melt look
TUYET the little explorer
TUHINA finally comes out of her shell
Tuyet and Tuhina will be staying together


  1. so cute, and very pretty! I have two litters at the moment...the bigger boys want to play with the littles, but have them separate at the moment, they would be too rough!

  2. Thanks Shirley,

    Same here. My biggies will join the girls in the playroom after their 1st vaccs so the littlies can have more fun.

  3. I want to play with all of them. They are all so adorable! They are coming on wonderfully, Jackie. Don't suppose you have time to get bored! :) xx

  4. Thanks Debbie,
    Pity you don't live closer I could give you a job lol.
    No I don't get bored, haven't got the time. Luckily I don't have a KB so don't need to be scouring the heights for a missing kitten this time.
    :-) xx

  5. Lol... She would have been a roofer in another life (one that is very partial to chicken straight from the oven and blown cool by the slave) - we had get our roof mended after the storms and I swear her eyes lit up when she noticed the scaffolding! Shame she's not allowed anywhere near it! :) xx

  6. That's so funny. I can see her eyes lighting up at the thought of scaffolding lol.
    Yes it is a good job she's not let loose outside :-) xx