Monday, 24 March 2014

WOW ... What a Show !!

                       What a fantastic TICA Oneforall Show this weekend at Brigg.
               Great Cats and Great People, Great Fun and Gorgeous Rosettes.
           Koshka thoroughly enjoyed her weekend and did much better than I'd hoped.
                         7 out of 10 Finals including 2 Best Cats !

Koshka Loved her Posh Rosette.

If fact she loved it so much
She decided to EAT it !!
Excitement over I guess. Life's 1 Big Yawn for Diva.


  1. Congratulations gorgeous Koshka!

  2. Ha,ha! Congratulations to you and gorgeous Koshka. What is with Siberians that they find the inedible edible? I have to watch our two like a hawk! They also like lying upside down which is far less anxiety provoking! :) xx

  3. Thanks Debbie,
    Koshka had never seen anything like it so it needed some serious investigation lol.
    Most Siberians love lying on their backs. Might be something to do with the weight of their fat bellies :-) xx