Sunday, 20 April 2014

Leaving for Pastures New !!!

                                     Where did the last 12 weeks go ???
                         Here are the final photos of Elika's kittens in my home.
TRINKYI, New Name RIMSKY belongs to Heather and Malcolm.
TUSHAR will live with Jean and his brother Tronkyin.
TRONKYIN looking very grown up.
TALINI belongs to Frances.
TUYET and Tuhina will stay together with Malcolm and Alison.
TUHINA relies on sister Tuyet to show her around.


  1. Bon voyage, petites chatons! Bet things will be a bit quieter for you now, Jackie :) xx

  2. It is a bit quieter but I have still 3 of the older ones and the 3 princesses so not as quiet as it will be in a few more weeks.
    Can't believe where the weeks went :-) xx