Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kali's Cute Kittens.

                              Our three little Princesses are now 7 weeks old.
                      It's wonderful watching these sweet kittens growing up.
                             My days are filled with fun and entertainment.

AKULINA likes to do her own thing.
ALYONA enjoys playing chase with her sisters.
ANZHELA (Sissi) is always on the go.


  1. They are very striking girls and their colouring is fascinating. They will win hearts! Our two are two today, yay! Happy birthday to Boris and KB who have got a new scratching post (sofa) and climbing frame (sideboard) for their birthday!! :) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    Happy Birthday to the most perfectly well behaved cats I've even bred.
    Hope they had a fantastic day and were spoiled rotten just like every other day.
    Thanks for being the most wonderful slaves :)