Tuesday, 8 April 2014


              Elika's 10 week old kittens are growing fast and are full of life and energy.
                                     Thank goodness they also need to sleep.
                       They all have wonderful new families waiting for them too.
                        I hope their new owners have Kitten Proofed their homes !!

RIMSKY (Trinkyi) Malcolm and Heather's little boy.
I hope they have a big bed for him.
Tushar is THE BOSS and fast as lightening.
TRONKYIN likes to talk like his mum.
Tronkyin has lovely green eyes.
Tushar and Tronkyin are Jeans little boys.
Talini will be joining Frances very soon.
Tuyet posing nicely.
Tuhina is very playful.
Tuhina and Tuyet are Alison and Malcolms little girls.
Mum Elika watching over her sleeping babies.


  1. Ha, ha! We hope they've kitten proofed their homes too - we have two you made earlier and they are still hooligans. Love them, though, and these adorable are sure to be waited on hand and foot for the rest of their born days! Bet you'll be sad to see them go too :) xx

  2. There's kitten proofing and then there's KB proofing ha ha.
    I always have mixed feelings when they leave. I might be a little sad but their new owners are always so happy to take them home :-)