Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ups and Downs !

     People tend to think being a breeder is carefree and full of fun and entertainment.
                                             Most of the time it's exactly that.

                      Unfortunately every once in while things are not like that at all.
                                            This has been one of those weeks.
                           Earlier this week we lost Pretty Little Princess Arysha.
She developed severe problems with her coordination and after x-rays and other tests showed nothing untoward the vet diagnosed a problem with her brain development.
I had to make the terrible and heartbreaking decision to have her out to sleep. Now she'll be playing over Rainbow Bridge with all the other kittens taken so prematurely.
                                   She's taken a piece of my heart with her.

                                  Her sisters are fine and have kept me going.
                                How could they not make me smile even now ??
                               Here they are, full of life and living it to the full.

Look at those eyes !

I think I'll sit and watch Anzhela.


Hey look I'm posing !!


  1. Do sorry Jackie just when you think they are going to be ok when they get past three weeks. So sad when this happens. They are lovely kittens

    1. Thanks Clare,
      It was such a shock as it happened so quickly.
      As you say ... just when you think they're going to be OK.

  2. Big hugs, Jackie, and RIP little one. We have three of our babies waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. We are sure they will look after her until we are all together again xx

    1. Aww thanks Debbie,
      You always know what to say to make me feel a bit better.
      Hugs to you and I'm sure you're right :-)

  3. So sorry Jackie, but you must think positively, you have a lovely litter there and she was just not meant to be this time......

  4. Thanks Shirley,
    And yes you're right as usual :-)