Wednesday, 13 August 2014


                    I'd like to announce my new website for all of you who follow me.
                      It's taken me a while to do it .... all my own work .. I might add.
                  According to my IT Consultant son my old one was rather outdated.
                          He's now approved this new version for me to publish ! !
                                        Guess that's a thumbs up then.
                                                       I hope you agree.
                             This is the link address if you'd like to have a look
                           * *
                                   I've also added it to my Profile on the right.


  1. The new website looks great - and if I weren't already a slave to two of your babies I would definitely be tempted by the lovely photos. I have a real soft spot for Nijinkski and Koshka (and Borenka and Sasha...) and really look forward to seeing their kittens later this year... :) xx...

  2. Thanks very much Debbie,
    It was worth the blisters on my two typing fingers then lol.

    Sasha is due to have her babies next week so you'll soon be seeing them. Koshka's later this year as planned I hope !!
    :-) x x