Monday, 25 August 2014

Welcome to our Two New Princesses.

                 I'm delighted to announce the safe arrival of two new little girls.
               Sasha gave birth yesterday afternoon. Mum and babies doing well.
                                      I've chosen their names already.

Meet pretty FAYETTE ... Little Fairy.
And this is LATANYA ... Russian Fairy Princess.

Fayette and Latanya 1 day old.
Our Two Princesses.
Welcome to the World.


  1. Gorgeous girls Jackie, lovely babies again from Sasha

  2. Thanks Denise,
    I'm hoping to keep one this time :) x

  3. Congratulations! I'm so pleased to see these gorgeous girls. I'm in love with Latanya :) xx

  4. Thanks Debbie,
    Fayette is struggling at the moment and is only half the size of Latanya. She's a little fighter though so we'll do all we can to help her.
    x x

  5. Aaahh, bless her. I know how hard you and Sasha will be caring for her. I'll send up some prayers for you all... Xx

  6. We sure need them, thanks Debbie x x