Friday, 5 September 2014

Our Fairies are 1 week Old.

                       We've had a struggle with our Little Fairy Fayette.
Since birth she's needed to be bottle fed as she didn't want to suckle from Mum.
  I'm now happy to report all is well, she's now feeding from Mum AND the bottle.
             She's gaining weight wonderfully and is a proper little character.
Latanya has thoroughly enjoyed having Mum's milk all to herself and is enormous.
She's the biggest kitten I've had so far and I'm wondering how her legs will support her.
                            Here they are with their eyes almost fully open.
FAYETTE ( Little Fairy )
Little Fighter.
Little Sweetheart.
Cheeky Face and Cherub
Little and Large !
LATANYA ( Fairy Princess )
Little Chubbles
Little Angel.


  1. It's wonderful news to hear of Fayette's good progress - what a little trouper! Well done to you for caring for her do well. Latanya could give Boris a run for his money! She looks like she will have some heft...! :) xx

  2. Thankyou Debbie,
    They're both doing great now. Latanya is built like a Sumo Wrestler lol.Fayette is a little on the small side but looks tiny next to her big sis ha ha.
    It will certainly be interesting to see how they develop x

  3. They're absolutely gorgeous, Jackie. Little muffins! x

  4. Thankyou Bonnie,
    Hope yours is OK and enjoying life with you x

    1. Oh yes, he's a proper little chunk now and causing trouble on a daily basis! x

  5. That's good to hear. Exactly how a kitten should be :-) x