Thursday, 11 September 2014

Two Week Treasures !

  Not quite sure where that week went but the Fairy Babies are another week older.
  Both are growing really quickly and beginning to wobble around on their little legs.
The first thing they do when they can see is Play Fight. An insight of things to come.
These two are very close and hate to be separated. Both cry if the other is missing.
                            They won't settle unless they're touching each other.

Little Fairy suits her name.
A Cheeky Little girl with a BIG personality.
LATANYA cute as a Button
This Baby is Staying Here


  1. Aaawww - you really have sprinkled these two with fairy dust - utterly gorgeous. I hope they continue to do well and we look forward to seeing Latanya at a show when she's grown up a bit more! :) xx

  2. Thanks again Debbie,
    They are rather cute aren't they ?
    I really hope Latanya continues to develop the way I'd like. It would be wonderful to have Sasha's daughter carry on her show success.
    Time will tell. She'll be spoiled rotten regardless :-) xx