Monday, 22 September 2014

What a Difference in Two Short Weeks.

                                   Our little Fairies and not so little anymore.
                      Both have doubled their weight and size and are exploring.
                     Latanya is the more adventurous, Fayette is a Mummy's girl.
Mum Sasha with her Twin Fairies.
So pleased she made it.
LATANYA sitting still for once.
Developing nicely and looking cute too.


  1. They really are developing well and we are relieved to hear that Fayette's doing so well. Latanya looks almost as big as Sasha already in the photos. The Siberian lads won't be arguing with her! A bit like our girl who totally runs this house. We all just do as we are told!! Love to you all :) xx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    No point trying to be boss here either.
    :-) x