Wednesday, 8 October 2014

6 Weeks Old and Scrumptious.

                                       How time flies when kittens are around.
                          Both Princesses are fully litter trained and eating meat.
                    Mum is still feeding them and joining in with their play sessions.
                               Here are Fayette and Latanya now 6 weeks old.
Sitting Pretty
Such a Poser


  1. Hi Jackie! I do think that these are two of the prettiest cats you've bred - although we know they are ALL gorgeous, of course! I bet they are a handful now. Are you still keeping Latanya? :) xx

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thanyou sooo much. These two are very pretty that's for sure, real chocolate box babies. As you say all kittens are gorgeous and these are no exception.
    Actually they're very laid back kittens like mum and dad. Nothing like your hooligans ha ha. YET !!!!
    Yes I'm keeping Latanya. I could happily keep them both to be honest :-) x

  3. I'm really pleased to hear that and I'd love to meet one or both of them. Give us a shout if you are showing them this way - I want a cuddle with them!! :) xx

  4. I'll be showing Latanya next year so perhaps we can meet up. It would be great catching up. The furthest show south I get to is Newbury though.
    x x