Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Kali's Baby Girls 4 weeks old.

               My how time flies. Already our first 2015 babies are 4 weeks old.
           Even at this tender age they're showing their individual personalities.
                                                  Here are todays photos.
INSPIRATION the most Confident.
She's full of Mischief.
ILLUSION the Noisy one.
She's a Mummy's girl.
IMAGINATION the Boisterous one.
She's always wanting to play.


  1. They've all got such cheeky faces and remind me of photos of KB that age. I wonder of any of them have her strong climbing instinct whereby no door is safe!!! :) xx

  2. Yes they have got cheeky faces and I'm sure they'll match their looks with their antics pretty soon. We do have one strong climber in the group too.

    Thanks Debbie x