Monday, 9 March 2015

More Great Show Results ! !

This weekend I took Koshka and Anya to the TickedTica show in Swanley.
The competition was very tough with fantastic cats also entered from Europe.
          Both my girls did extremely well and I couldn't be more proud.

                                           ANYA was awarded 6 FINALS.
                          Her highest placing was 2nd Best All Breed Kitten.
                                       Here she is relaxing inbetween rings.
A Great result for a 6 month old female.
                           KOSHKA did equally as good also getting 6 FINALS.
                                 With over 60 cats in her Class she still managed
                                                    3 x 3rd Best Cats.
                            Here she is being judged and enjoying every minute.


  1. Congratulations, Jackie - would love to see you at Swanley next time... :) xx

  2. It'll be a while Debbie but it would be great to see you x
    Thanks x

  3. Thanks very much Shirley,
    Miss you not being on FB.
    Bet you're enjoying having more time to yourself to do better things