Thursday, 30 April 2015

More Show Brags !!!!

             Last weekend we attended RagtimeTICA show in Peterborough.
     Latanya and Zolotinka did extremely well exceeding all my expectations.
        Latanya was the youngest Adult cat being shown at 8 months + 1 day.
                     She left here a kitten and returned as a Champion Cat.
                                Latanya got 7 Best of Breeds and 2 Finals.

                                         Zolotinka did even better.
                        The comments from all 8 judges were wonderful.
                              Zolotinka got 16 Best of Breeds and 11 Finals.
              This was the last show of the season and the competion was tough
                              making their achievements even more amazing.

Zolotinka and new Champion Lunik Tyen Latanya

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