Thursday, 23 April 2015

Kittens are 12 weeks old already !!

Here are the last photos of Kali's kittens before they go off to their new homes.
                                                   This is Inspiration.
        She's rather naughty but has the loudest purr and loves her cuddles.

                                                        This is Illusion.
                             She's the smallest and has the sweetest personality.

                                                          This is Imagination.
                    She's a very big girl who loves to play, eat and sleep in that order.

                                                   The Three Princesses.


  1. They are gorgeous and Imagination has the same philosophy on life as Boris! I keep finding his 'prey' (wet toys!) in his water bowl. :) xx

  2. Thanks very much Debbie,
    I think you're right :-) x