Friday, 10 April 2015

Welcome to The British Siberian Cat Club for everyone.

       Following a number of requests myself and some breeder friends have formed
             A Very New and Exciting Club for Siberian Owners and Breeders.
 This is the website address:   The British Siberian Cat Club
There isn't a club designated to Siberian Cat Breeders not affiliated to the GCCF.
We felt this needed to be addressed. Newcomers to the breed had nowhere to go for specific Information, Guidance and Advice when they had genuine cause for concern. This also needed to be addressed as many felt they weren't being taken seriously.
    I hope you enjoy browsing our new website and will give us some Feedback.
                             Membership is FREE. If you would like to join 
          please either use the form on the site Contact Page or email me. 


  1. This looks fantastic and really fills a gap! We will be joining... Thank you! We are celebrating the third birthday of our twins. Can't believe they were three years old yesterday... Thanks for allowing us to be the slaves to these two gorgeous and so special cats :) xx

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to KB and Boris. I can't believe those 3 years have passed by so quickly either. Please give them chin tickles from me x x

    Thanks for checking out our new site. We still have a lot of information to add before we can say it's up and running but we're getting there.

    You'll be very welcome to join. I'd love to put some of your photos on our Naughtiness page. I know you have loads. Do you still have the one of KB and the bananas ?? x x

  3. I could probably fill your naughtiness page with antics from the dynamic duo! I'll dig out the photo of KB and her fave fruit xx