Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Normal Service Resumed !

                                              Hello everyone.
                                        We're up and running again.
Due to a family bereavement and house move we haven't posted for weeks.
               Things have now settled down and I can bring you up to date.

                   All but one of our last kittens have joined their new families.
               Reports say the new additions have now taken over their homes.
                      I haven't received any complaints though.
Thanks to all of you for becoming loving slaves to your new Siberian babies.


  1. Oh, he's just gorgeous and so looks like Boris. I really hope his next slave enjoys him as much as we enjoy our twins. So sad that Borenka won't be producing any more half brothers or sisters but he really deserves a good retirement. We are so so lucky to have our two. Couldn't love them more. Will be in touch properly again soon. I'm sure you understand what we are going through and hope you are coping ok. Thinking of you and sending our love, Sean and Debbie xxx

  2. Thanks Debbie,
    Yes he does have a look of Boris doesn't he ?? Not as comical though.
    Sending hugs x x

  3. Lol - Yes, Boris is still our comedy cat. Nothing has changed there! Sending hugs back xx