Friday, 4 November 2016

Fit for a Prince !!!

                                   I'm delighted to share our latest news.
I delivered my Golden boy Zolotoy to Prince Fahad of Saudi Arabia yesterday.
      As you can see Zolotoy took it all in his stride and had soon taken over.
Prince Fahad was very impressed with his kitten too enjoying his first play session.
                      I have no doubt they will make each other very happy.
                                         Shirley I owe you big time x


  1. For prince or pauper Siberians are the best :)

  2. They certainly are. Prince Fahad was as excited to meet his kitten as all of my new kitten owners. The best thing for me was seeing them both playing happily. My kitten had spent 5 hours in a carrier in a strange car and after a few minutes in his new home was confident enough to relax and play.
    That's the norm for most kittens raised indoors by loving breeders.
    Thanks again for recommending me :) x x